Luisa Nadarajah

Helping communities in need.

Growing up with a fashion designer mother and a factory full of sewing machines shaped Luisa Nadarajah’s life passion, fashion. She knew at an early age that she was in this world to make it beautiful and extraordinary.

The MFAH award winning 32-year-old Fashion designer and philanthropist had a breakthrough a few years ago while making upcycled car parts and bike tubes dresses to later be exhibited at the MFAH, Houston Public Library and other venues throughout the city. Luisa understands the importance of contributing to our planet and knows that the fashion industry is one of the most polluting agents in our world. Her passion is not only to make avant-garde recycled designs, but also to embrace them with an impactful message.

Luisa has worked for several years at Neiman Marcus, where she was as a brand ambassador for Haute Couture designers, this job was her stepping-stone to study Fashion design and give back to her community in Peru. In 2015, she founded Infinite Possibilities for All, a 501C(3) non-profit with the mission to educate and nourish children in developing countries, starting with the first project called “Project Piruw”. Every year Luisa and her team, organize fundraisers in Houston to support this cause. Recently, they hosted a successful fashion show that featured Giuliana Testino’s collection from Peru, royal celebrity photographers’ sister of Mario Testino. This young leader makes it a must to donate proceeds of her personal business sales to Project Piruw. Luisa’s designs will be available during a live auction at her upcoming Fashion Show.

Luisa Fernanda Nadarajah capsule collection curated and embellished with “upcyled details”:

1. “Le Ballerine” made with headlights, aluminum and plexiglass (Picture courtesy of Houston Chronicle)

2. “The Golden Bride” made with inner bicycle tubes  (Picture courtesy of Houston Chronicle)

3. “Ultimate Bow” made with seat belts and light bulbs

4. “Bouquet” made with Chanel buttons and broken jewelry

5. “Hair dress” made with hair extensions