About Us

Helping communities in need.

“We’re committed to improving the life of children in Peru by providing education and nutrition to each school at a time.”

Infinite Possibilities was established by Luisa Nadarajah. Under this umbrella of giving, she has followed her passion and directed her energies towards Project Piruw. Here is her story.

A few years ago I visited my mother’s humble village in the High Lands of Peru, for the first time, and realized how lucky we are to have access to good education or nutrition, things I took for granted. These kids deserve better so I created a non-profit, 501C(3) tax-exempt organization called “Infinite Possibilities for All” to help raise funds to support our mission!

Turpay is where Luisa’s grandparent’s heritage started, “ The Marin Choque Family”. Luisa grew up most of her life in Buenos Aires Argentina, never really embracing her Peruvian roots.

At age of 30 her identity has been uncovered since she and her close family visited Turpay for the very first time in April 2015.

That’s when she discovered, it’s not about her anymore, it’s about her community in Peru that needs help and she’s willing to do what it takes to make a powerful contribution and social transformation in our world.

We invite you to be part of this powerful give back contribution by donating today or volunteering.

Before we build a daycare, we’re donating 10 computers and internet installation to a fantastic School!

Attached is a link to understand the School’s mission and meet the kids:



Video del Proyecto Piruw en castellano:

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It takes a village. We are proud of and grateful for our volunteers:
Betoalonso Gallegos (Mexico)
Marcela (Argentina)
Ophelia Ciccone (Argentina)
Gisella Marin Arraya (Lima)
Susana Choque (Lima)
Clorinda Choque (Lima)
Ana Choque (Lima)
Victoria Marin (Lima)

Piruw’s Project Team Members In North America Region since 2015 to date:
In no particular order:
Danielle Kuban Johnston
Angie Andrew Wilkins
Arielle Griffin
Ondina Aguirre
Carla Vanesa Scaccabarrozzi
Natalie Jenkins
Claudette Ferro
Jose Porth
John Newinn
Quy Tran Photography
Rick Bounds Photography
Tony Garcia Photography
Emma Gomez Maui
Sheen Gardner
Devin Sitton
Natalie Riandowling
Janet Diaz Morales
Ariela Ventura
Cami Pyne
Marisa Kapavik
La Travia Sigers
Brian Birt
Kemi Alao
Hanna Gow
Linda Fuentes
Will LeBlanc
Chandler Nicole Lawn
Gina Gutierrez
Brittani Branch
Zoe Wallace
Brandee Karr
Paola Martinsen
Duana Gillard
Vanesa Astros-Young
Cintrena Johnston
Kara Stanllings
Priscilla key
Aliana Stafford Roshell
Usha Gollapudi
Ashley Senee
Esti Hall
Natasha Chinsammy
Gustavo Iglesias
Nancy Gonzalez from “Raices del Peru”
Jasmine Dash
Josh Ortiz
JV Juanito Productions
Ana Norton
Stephen Sye