August 2016 Newsletter

Helping communities in need.

August 2016 Newsletter

October 4, 2016 Home Newsletter 0

Dear Donors and Sponsors:

The mission and vision of “Infinite Possibilities for All” is to help end malnourishment and illiteracy in developing countries.  Our work directly benefits children so that they become strong leaders within their community

It’s my pleasure to announce all the progress we’ve made so far thanks to your powerful contribution:


Victoria Marin relocated to Peru to become the President of the non-profit and has already made a lot of progress in the daycare site construction Phase I:


I want to acknowledge and send our deepest thanks to Victoria Marin and Paola Martinsen for traveling to the future daycare site (they visited in June by bus for many days) to volunteer their time for Project Piruw. We know you’ve made many sacrifices and spent your own funds towards this mission trip!


They met with the church leaders and Mayor to thoroughly discuss the immediate planning and construction of the daycare.


The Mayor is helping in many ways. He hired a team of professionals to test the soil and determine the best construction materials. .  His team is also ensuring that the foundation is clear and ready for construction.  Additionally, they are planning on making the bricks that will make up the structure of the daycare this month.


The architects have presented a fantastic first draft of the layout of the daycare. Paola and Victoria have worked with the architects to finalize the design and will present it to the construction lead Padre Andres, who is a local Italian Priest working at a church in the heart of the village.


We also have something new to share! Our original plan was to partner with the current daycare system in place, lead by a program with the local Government.  After a lot of thought and a thorough review of the program, Project Piruw has decided to build and maintain the daycare on our own! This means that, Project Piruw will cover necessary monthly expenses such as teacher salaries, maintenance, food and others directly.


Our Board of Directors here in Houston agreed that we should host another fundraiser this year, with the all of the proceeds going directly towards completing the building, managing daycare expenses, and implementing nourishment programs for the attending children. We’re welcoming sponsors for this new event!


Last but not least, we are breaking ground on the daycare by late August so look out for some wonderful pictures on our social media sites.



Luisa Nadarajah