March 2016 Newsletter Update

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March 2016 Newsletter Update

March 22, 2016 Home Newsletter 0

Dear Donors, Sponsors and Volunteers,

Thank you for all your support and empowerment to date. The position where we are today could not have happened without you!

We accomplished so much during this recent mission trip to Peru! I want to thank my good friend, Ondina Aguirre who joined me on this journey and spent over a month in Peru in February 2016. She was my guardian angel and a fantastic team player at all times!

During this trip, we secured the land, met the wonderful children, interviewed city officials and mothers, spent time with the architect team, hired a lawyer and progressed the non-profit paperwork in Peru.  We also signed a commitment document with the local authorities to build the daycare. All these things were executed successfully and powerfully!

It is important to note that there has been a change in location for the daycare.  The lot in the town of Turpay (the original location for the daycare) has questionable land ownership issues and the town administration did not provide the confidence required for us implement the project. Therefore, we moved the project to the neighboring town of Totora, a 15-minute drive from Turpay.

We had an emotional community meeting in Totora where 50 mothers and their children were in attendance. The mothers mentioned that there are 60 children in several daycare offices in Totora that are not in great shape. The managers of the daycare centers took us on a tour to visit all of these centers. We quickly learned that the centers are spread out quite a bit so a lot of the managers, mothers and their children’s time is spent walking each day. Once a week daycare managers monitor neighboring town daycares, and each walk up to 4 hours up and down the Andes mountains round trip for these visits, because they can’t afford any means of transportation.

I had the opportunity to share about “Project Piruw” and the fundraiser event back in Houston.  After hearing about the stories from the mothers of Totora and the support from the local authorities, it made sense to have this location be the site to build out the daycare. Thanks to all of you, the children will have a proper daycare facility. I witnessed plenty of tears of happiness from everyone who was in attendance!

The scope of the daycare in Totora is nearly 2.5 times larger than our original scope in Turpay. However, I believe our budget raised from our first fundraising event in Houston in October 2015 can support phase 1 of the project.

The architect team will design the construction for 3 phases. One experienced lead architect agreed to volunteer and oversee the building design with the support of student architects. The project will be their thesis for graduating!

This Execution part of “Project Piruw” will consist of having Victoria Marin be the Project Manager responsible for keeping quality to standard in every phase, stay on schedule and manage the budget. She will partner with the construction manager (still to be nominated) to complete phase 1 this year.

I hope you found this newsletter to be helpful in understanding what we have accomplished and our path forward. Ondina and I were able to capture some great photos and videos during our mission trip that I am working to compile in a short video to help summarize our trip.

Lastly, I’m posting a high level summary of our fundraising financials for your awareness.


“Project Piruw” Financials


Total funds raised: $12,371

Fundraiser Fashion Show costs: $1824

Peru Mission Trip Expenses $1125

(Includes Peru lawyer and

Architect team expenses)

Funds remaining: $9422




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