January 2016 Newsletter Update

Helping communities in need.

January 2016 Newsletter Update

January 2, 2016 Home Newsletter 0

Dear Project Piruw supporters,

Thanks again for your generous donations to support this worthy cause in Peru. Below are some updates of our progress towards our goal:

After discussing with a knowledgeable lawyer in Peru, he suggested that securing the land with all the legal paperwork is necessary prior to construction and design of the daycare. Therefore, I am actively progressing efforts to get this part completed.

In parallel, three Peruvian Architects from Nacional de San Agustin University volunteered their time to further study the land in order to brainstorm ideas for the development of the daycare center.

Since the Fashion Show ended in October, we had a productive meeting with the organization, “Doctor’s Without Borders” regarding the possibility of including a nutrition program within the daycare center.

Further discussions will be planned once land rights are secured and design takes place.

In order to accelerate the above efforts in securing the land and getting design and construction efforts underway, I will be traveling early next year to the Turpay, Abancay region to handle many of these tasks locally. I will be sending another update once I return back from Peru.

With the holidays just passed the corner, Piruw Project Team wishes you and your family a safe and joyful Christmas and all the best for the New Year!



Luisa Nadarajah

Piruw Project Founder